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Status: 12.10.2018

This Data Protection policy is made in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in particular Article 13, and the data protection regulations applicable to Germany (these include the Federal Data Protection Act New, the Telemedia Act, and the Broadcasting State Treaty).  Terms are therefore used in the SAME way as in the GDPR and the other Laws.

If necessary, the statement will be updated without further notice and adapted to changes in usage.  Site Visitors should read this Privacy Policy completely, consider it carefully before each visit to my website, and visit only if approved.

Contact for Data Protection

Responsible Contact for Data Protection matters:

Beate Conrad

The Purpose and Content of these Websites and the Legal Basis of Processing

This Site offers information about Chrysanthemum, the international haiku magazine as well as the Magazine for download.  Chrysanthemum is none commercial, non-profit, ad-free and free (as in free beer).

Data Collected

We do not collect any personal data.  This Page is purely passive until further notice.  It does not need cookies, since there is no registration that requires any.


We do not currently use Cookies.

Rights of the Person Concerned

If possible, please do not make information requests.  The answer is always the same: There is no stored personal data -  absolutely nothing!